About Us

Since 1977, Halleck Creek Ranch has helped people with disabilities live a life without barriers through Equine-Assisted Activities (EAA) and therapeutic horseback riding. Equine-assisted activities and therapeutic horseback riding are valuable forms of physical and mental therapy, as well as an effective way for people with disabilities to access rugged terrain. Each week, participants and volunteers from seven Bay Area counties travel to the ranch, which is located in the beautiful Nicasio Valley in Marin County, CA. Ranch staff pair trained horses with dedicated volunteers, creating a dynamic team that carries our special riders into the beautiful Nicasio countryside. The program uses the powerful therapeutic benefits available through horses and nature to create a better quality of life for children and adults with disabilities, and for the people who care for them. As one of the largest and oldest weekly therapeutic riding programs in the Bay Area, Halleck Creek Ranch is a pioneer in the field.