Our History

Duane Irving and Joyce Goldfield founded Halleck Creek Ranch with the vision of bringing children who used wheelchairs into the wilderness using the four strong legs of a horse. They created the program as a unique gift for children with disabilities, wanting these children to experience the same joys as their non-disabled peers.

With the help and guidance of the Marin County 4H office, they began the therapeutic riding program in 1977, offering two sessions to 12 riders every Saturday at the Irving Ranch in Nicasio. Eventually the program grew to 3 rides each Saturday. Halleck Creek Ranch incorporated in 1979, and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation and a registered California charity.

In addition to developing the therapeutic riding program, the founders were dedicated to creating unique and incredible experiences and events for people with disabilities, both on and off of the ranch. For over 32 years, their program was offered at no charge to the riders and their families. Both Mr. Irving and Mrs. Goldfield received national recognition for their work.

Through the work of the founders, and with the help of the Marin Community Foundation, Halleck Creek Ranch now owns its own 60-acre ranch located adjacent to the original Irving Ranch, deep in the heart of the Nicasio Valley. The program has grown to operate five days a week, serving over 80 participants every week, and provides more than 4,000 hours of programming each year.

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