Our Horses

Our amazing therapy horses are the foundation our program. Not just well-trained and versatile, they are patient, easy-going, and have a special intuition tuned to the needs of their riders. They are able to stand patiently still as riders are helped on and off and adjust to a variety of tack needed to support participants. For many of our horses, this is a second career. Some have competed in shows, some have worked on ranches and one is even a former police mount. Horses are initially brought in on a 30-day trial period and ridden by staff before being handled by volunteers and then, ultimately, riders and groundwork participants.

Did you know that our horses are all donated? Click here to learn more.

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“Sponsoring a Horse” is an incredible way to donate to our ranch and directly support our programs.

Sponsorship Levels

Gold Level Sponsorship | $5000:

includes your name below the horse on our wall of fame and on our website and a Halleck Creek Ranch shirt or hat of your choice PLUS a framed photo of you with your horse posted in our newsletter and social media.

Silver Level Sponsorship | $2,500: includes your name below the horse on our wall of fame and on our website, a digital photo of you and your horse and a Halleck Creek Ranch shirt or hat of your choice

Bronze Level | $1250: includes your name below the horse on our wall of fame and on our website (coming soon), and a Halleck Creek Ranch shirt or hat of your choice

Friendship Level | $500: includes your name below the horse on our wall of fame and on our website (coming soon), and a Halleck Creek Ranch shirt or hat of your choice




Apache is supported by the Klein Family Foundation and is looking for an additional sponsor.

About Apache

Apache is an American Paint Horse who has had lots of experience participating in Western Horse Shows, and trail riding. Apache was generously donated to us by a family in Paso Robles, who decided that he was ready to change careers and serve our community. Apache is already a favorite of many of our riders, as he is easily distinguished by his beautiful markings and very long legs. 



Banjo is supported by Patrick O’Brien and Zak Goodman and looking for an additional sponsor. Sponsor Banjo now.

about banjo
Born in 2008, Banjo has competed in the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) since he was three-years-old.  During his show career, he accumulated just over $20,000 in NRHA-lifetime earnings. He was also awarded West Coast Reining Horse Association Non-Pro Reining Horse of The Year, adding his name to a perpetual trophy with some of the greatest reining horses in all of California. In addition to his many successes in the show ring, Banjo has been a patient and wonderful lesson horse to many beginners, introducing adults and children to the joy of riding, as well as an opportunity to learn reining maneuvers. Banjo has a very fun, playful, and social personality, and we feel very lucky to have him. Thank you to George and Leesa Deffierios for generously donating their private horse Banjo to our program. 


Bella is sponsored by The Nickel Family, in memory of Noah Nickel.  She is also supported by The King Family.

About Bella

Bella is a chestnut-colored Haflinger mare born in 2004. She was donated by an owner from Novato. Bella is short, sweet, and strong, making her a reliable mount for our younger riders. 



Brighton is sponsored (Gold) by Stacy Cheregotis.

About Brighton

Brighton, a 16-year-old Quarter Horse gelding, was living on a family farm with a pony and a pig in Santa Rosa before coming to Halleck Creek. Brighton has a strong background in western trail riding and has a wonderful temperament, especially around children. Brighton is very clever and can often be seen untying his lead rope so that he can roam around the ranch. His sweet personality and calm demeanor make him a perfect member of the Halleck Creek herd.



Buck is sponsored (Bronze) level by Michael Mihalko, in loving memory of Angeline Hekking

about Buck

Born in 1999, Buck is a buckskin Quarter Horse who was donated by a private owner from Sonoma County. Buck was born in Wyoming and has years of experience as a ranch horse, but he has truly found his calling as a kind and gentle therapeutic riding mount. Because he has experience being neck-reined, Buck is an excellent partner for riders whose motor skills prevent them from learning direct-reining. 



Buddy is sponsored (Bronze) by Richard and Nancy Robbins, in honor of Nancy Brookshire.

About Buddy

Buddy was generously donated by Halleck Creek Ranch’s farrier, Rob Dunlap. Born in 1998, Buddy is a bay Quarter Horse gelding with gentle eyes and a loving heart. A very social gentleman, he loves connecting with humans and will nicker as you approach. He’s a favorite among our riders, one of whom said, “He just seems perfect for me.”

Pretty white pony with rainbow halter

California Girl (Cali)

Cali is sponsored (Bronze) by Jim Rutherford and looking for an additional sponsor. Sponsor Cali now.

About California Girl

California Girl was donated to Halleck Creek by Alexis Georgeson. Cali has traveled around the United States competing as a large jumping pony with a long list of accomplishments to her name. She has given confidence to many children in the jumping ring before coming to Halleck Creek. Her fun loving personality and cute snip has quickly made her a wonderful fit for Halleck Creek. Cali continues to give a new set of students confidence here. Click here to watch a video about Cali.



Coatsey is sponsored (Silver) by Crown Construction (Dr. Sophya Morgem and Ross McKenna) and is available for a second sponsor. Sponsor me now.

About Coatsey

Coatsey is a Quarter Horse born in 2002. He was donated to our program in 2018 and quickly became a favorite of both volunteers and riders. As a former working horse on the Barboni Ranch, Coatsey gained lots of real-life experience that enables him to be incredibly patient, calm, and consistent when working with our riders. 



Emmett is sponsored by Donna Rosenstein.

About Emmett

Emmett is named after Emmett the Clown, and he certainly lives up to his name. Born in 2003 and officially designated the most playful horse onthe ranch, Emmett is a Paint horse with lots of personality, a bald white face, and captivating blue eyes. Donated by the same woman who gave us Jazzy, Emmett brings years of trail experience, steady feet, and lots of laughs to our program.



Finn is sponsored by Hank Miller.

About Finn

Finnegan (Finn) is an Irish Sport Horse and Connemara cross born in 2002. Before coming to Halleck Creek Ranch, Finn was a jumper at a barn in Nicasio where he helped many young riders reach their goals. He continues to serve our students today, always willing and ready to help his riders succeed. 



Frank is sponsored by Muriel Turrant.

About Frank

Frank is a liver chestnut Quarter Horse gelding born in 2009. As a former working horse from the nearby Barboni Ranch, Frank has been there, done that, and is a no nonsense kind of guy. He’s calm, gentle, grounded, and reliable – just how we like them! And despite not having had any experience being ridden and led at the same time prior to coming to HCR, Frank seems to have quickly figured out that he’s carrying precious cargo, and takes each ride in stride. 



Fuego is being sponsored by Molly Scannell, in loving memory of Levi Valentine, and by Alex Leszczynski.

About Fuego

Don Fuego, born in 2004, was generously donated by Helle Eriksen of Baywood Equestrian Center. Fuego has an outgoing personality and has many years of experience teaching children and adults to ride. Fuego is a Morgan horse, a breed which is known for their athletic ability, versatility, and pleasant disposition. Morgan horses also carry their heads and tails higher than most other breeds, and you will easily spot Fuego at the ranch, as he appears to be the tallest horse in the world, as one of our students exclaimed. 



Harry is supported by Dr. Lynne Scannell.

About Harry

Harry is a chestnut Quarter Horse born in 1994. He loves to be around people, and he was clearly a natural at his work in our program. Previously privately owned, Harry joined our team in 2005 and served as a leader in our weekday program since its inception in 2006 where he always inspired smiles for our volunteers, staff, and students.

In April of 2023, Harry and his paddock-mate Jazzy moved to our newest property, RockRose Ranch, where they enjoy retirement while grazing lush, green pastures each day. 



Iggy is sponsored by Sydney Minnerly.

About Iggy

Iggy is a dapple gray Appendix (a cross between a Thoroughbred and a Quarter Horse), born in 1995. Some say his breeding offers the best of both worlds: the grace and stature of a Thoroughbred, and the brains and demeanor of a Quarter Horse. We say: our Iggy has it all! He loves social interaction with our students and makes an especially great mount for riders who are advancing their skills. 



Kaleki is sponsored (Silver) by the Wajnowski Family.

About Kaleki

Kaleki stands apart from her equine peers as the only one to have been born here at Halleck Creek Ranch in 1997. She was hand-raised and trained to become the incredible therapy horse she is today. Her dam (mother) was a beautiful Belgian mare named Rosie who worked for years in our program, and her sire (father) was a Paint stallion named Amigo. Kaleki inherited her dam’s bone structure and her sire’s flashy color, making her strong enough to carry larger riders and look sharp while doing it.



Lacey is supported at the (Friendship) level by Janet Kerby.  She is looking for an additional sponsor. Sponsor Lacey now.

About lacey
A 16 year-old Arabian/Quarter Horse cross, Lacey was previously used as trail horse, and proved to always be a steady mount. She has been successful in Western shows and gymkhanas, winning blue ribbons in both.  Lacey has a sweet personality and adores children and adults alike, preferring to spend the day together with her humans. 


Lily is sponsored by Victor and Karen Trione. Sponsor Lily now.

About Lily

Lily is a Quarter Horse mare born in 2000 and donated to the program by our Board President Dan Steadman. Dan used Lily to “work” cows and ride trails. Lily was also a broodmare in her past life, having her last colt just a few years before being donated to our program. We’re delighted to have the well-trained Lily on our team, and while she is no longer ridden, she treats all of our groundwork students with care like the loving mama she is! 



Oberon is supported by Eva Ihle and looking for a sponsor. Sponsor me now.

About Oberon

Named after Shakespeare’s King of the Fairies in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, Oberon lives up to his royal name. His easy, gentle spirit and warm personality has captured the hearts of everyone who meets him. An American Quarter Horse, born in 2002, Oberon previously worked as a ranch and rodeo horse, and has the experience and talent needed to traverse the trails of West Marin with confidence.



Paige is supported by Alessandra L. and by an anonymous donor.

About Paige

Paige is a beautiful, stocky, chestnut Quarter Horse mare that was born in 2004. She resided at one of our neighboring stables and was generously donated by her owners as they were moving out of the area and could not take her. Paige previously excelled in hunter/jumper competitions and is a wonderful horse to ride out on the trail. She is known for being very kind and social, both with people and her equine friends. 



Polo is sponsored by Mary and Warren Staley,

About Polo

Our gentle Palomino pony is a wonderful trail guide. In his younger years, he taught many people to play polo and has been a summer camp, trail, and lesson horse for most of his life. Polo is everyone’s new best friend with his perfect ground manners and happy-go-lucky attitude. Polo was generously donated by Miwok Equestrian Center. 



Ruby is sponsored by Rick Lind, Kate Aldrich, and Ben Lind.

About Ruby

Standing at 15 hands tall, our beautiful chestnut Quarter Horse mare Ruby was previously a reining and cutting horse. Professionally trained, Ruby is a welcome addition to the trail rides and is very happy to teach us all that she knows about taking care of her rider. 



Skippy is supported by Megan King.  Skippy is looking for a sponsor.  Sponsor Skippy now.

About Skippy

Skippy is a dark bay-colored Welsh pony cross mare born in 2002. Donated by a private owner in 2011, Skippy took about a year to really settle into her job here at Halleck Creek Ranch. As one of the younger horses on our team, Skippy requires a little more exercise and training than our older mounts, but she excels every time she’s given an opportunity and she helps our riders do the same. 



Talulah is supported by Doug McQuinn.

About Talulah

Talulah (previously known as Daisy) is a strawberry roan Belgian Draft/Appaloosa cross mare born in 2003. She was donated by a private owner from Novato. Talulah’s strength and size made her a great match for adult riders. She brought years of experience on the trail that we got to enjoy for a long time while she served in our programs!

In early 2023, Talulah moved to the Grossi Ranch where she enjoys retirement while grazing lush, green pasture.