Our Mission

We believe that providing challenging experiences in a supportive environment will make a lasting, positive change in the attitudes and abilities of children and adults with disabilities, and in the people who care for them. Through the beneficial activity of therapeutic horseback riding, our participants learn new skills and expand their self-perception, enjoying a sense of freedom from their disabilities. We believe their families benefit from the relaxed atmosphere of the ranch and a valuable chance to network with other families and caregivers. We are committed to providing our program at low or no cost to our participants, so that the therapeutic benefits available through connections with people, animals, and nature are never denied to a single individual in need.

Our Vision

We invite people with disabilities, and their families, to live a “life without barriers” through the beneficial activity of equine assisted activities and therapeutic horseback riding. Halleck Creek Ranch focuses on what individuals can do. We work with our participants and their caregivers to identify their personal goals and develop lesson programming to achieve these goals through the support of our incredible community of team members, volunteers, and horses, allowing our participants to reach beyond their disability, and celebrate their capabilities.  We create meaningful equine-assisted experiences while connecting persons with disabilities to the beautiful outdoors.