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Our Facilities

Old Rancheria location (1740 Old Rancheria Road)
Halleck Creek Ranch owns a 60-acre parcel of land in the picturesque Nicasio Valley, 10 miles west of San Rafael in Marin County. Our facility is wheelchair accessible and designed to meet the needs of all of our riders.

Special Adaptations
To help our riders mount their horse, we have an ADA-compliant mounting ramp, as well as mounting steps. The ramp brings each rider level with the back of the horse. This gives riders who use a wheelchair or walker for mobility, or who may have compromised balance, the support and assistance necessary to mount the horse safely. The mounting block is used for riders with greater strength and mobility, and develops coordination and independence.

Covered Arena
Halleck Creek Ranch has an 80′ x 120′ covered riding arena with sand footing for lessons and warm up exercises. The arena also provides a protected and safe riding area during inclement weather.

Trail Ride
In addition to the property, Halleck Creek Ranch has a deeded riding easement on an adjoining 280-acre property. This allows riders to enjoy all of the beautiful sights, sounds, smells, and undulating terrain of a real trail ride. There is wildlife to be spotted on the trail, creek beds to traverse, hills to climb and descend, and native plants to smell. The experience is authentic and exciting, and completely unique to Halleck Creek Ranch.

Halleck Creek Ranch has two large indoor and gender-neutral restrooms available for use by the public. Both restrooms are ADA-compliant, and offer grab-bars near the toilet, as well as hot and cold water sinks, plentiful soap, and single-use paper towels. Restrooms are cleaned regularly and are disinfected daily.

rockRose ranch location (3311 Nicasio valley Old Road)

In 2023, we were gifted the beautiful RockRose Ranch by local philanthropist Maja Kristin.   After careful review, we are now in the midst of rolling our programming and modifications to the Ranch.

Currently, the unmounted programs (Horse Skills, our Vocational Program and our VETs program are held at RockRose.  We plan to launch Riding in the second half of 2024.

Outdoor Arena
Halleck Creek Ranch @ RockRose has a riding arena with sand footing for lessons and warm up exercises.   We are planning to enclose and modify a nearby, shaded meadow to use as an obstacle course and for equitation in the summer months.

Trail Rides
There are miles of trails in the redwoods and to the top of Teton Hill on the RockRose property.  We look forward to expanding our riding program there soon once the property has been modified to meet ADA requirements and the safety needs of our participants.

Community Center
Housed within the former private residence, Halleck Creek Ranch is creating a new community center.  The first step of our conversion is making the building safe and accessible for our entire community through extensive ADA modifications of bathrooms and ramps.  We currently host community events such as movie nights in the house and look forward to rolling out more soon! 


“Old Rancheria” location
1740 Old Rancheria Road, Nicasio, CA 94946

(this unpaved road can be found off Nicasio square, to the right of the volunteer fire department.  Follow the road 2.5 miles and turn left across the bridge.

“Halleck Creek @ RockRose” location
3311 Nicasio Valley Road, Nicasio, CA 94946

(This property can be accessed directly off Nicasio Valley Road.  Cross the bridge and approach the gate slowly, it will open automatically during business hours.  To your right you can access the “lower barn” and covered round pen.  Continue straight to head to the house and “upper” barn.


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