Donate Stock or Other Securities

To donate stock or other securities, provide your broker with the following information when asking them to make the transfer: 

    • Charles Schwab
    • FAX 1.888.526.7252
    • DTC 0164
    • Account #5919-2755
    • For the benefit of the Marin Community Foundation

This information is necessary to make a contribution of securities via DTC from any brokerage account into the Marin Community Foundation’s Charles Schwab brokerage account. 

IMPORTANT: Please contact Karen Hein (415-464-2514,, Assistant Controller, at the Marin Community Foundation, when making the transfer so that the receipt of the transfer can be verified and the donation credited to the Halleck Creek Institute fund. Please include the following information:

    • Fund name (Halleck Creek Institute)
    • Number and name of securities to be gifted
    • Transfer date

For additional questions or support initiating your donation of stock or other securities, please contact Executive Director, Molly Scannell, at, or 415-662-2488.