Groundwork: Benefits of
Equine-Assisted Learning

As defined by PATH Intl., “equine-assisted learning (EAL) experiences are carefully created activities that promote human development in an experiential format. Equine facilitated learning may be conducted by an educator, therapist, equine specialist or therapeutic riding instructor. Experiential learning refers to a style of learning that occurs when a person is interacting with the environment, including the people, animals and situations involved.”

EAL lessons can include a variety of learning opportunities depending upon a student’s interests, abilities and desires. Often called “Groundwork”, these instructor-led lessons provide a unique opportunity for our participants to engage with the horses from the ground, learning essential techniques of horsemanship. Whether learning the importance of grooming and caring for your horse, practicing leading your horse, or learning about the different feed types and nutritional needs of your horse, there’s always something new to learn and a wide variety of horses to work with here at Halleck Creek Ranch.

About the Sessions

The availability varies, so please contact Program Director Brenda Falco to learn more or sign up.