Volunteer positions

Facility Volunteer Position

Facility Volunteers assist in the weekly maintenance and upkeep of our 60-acre ranch.  This includes tasks such as cleaning paddocks, raking, weeding, gardening, etc.  You may also be asked to assist in special events or with some clerical tasks. 

Program Volunteer Positions

Program Volunteers work directly with our horses and participants. Program volunteers will periodically be asked to assist with other tasks such as the cleaning of program-related spaces (the tack room, boot and helmet cubbies, etc.), assisting with special events, clerical tasks, or facility projects.  We all work as a team and no one is “above” any task here. 


All program volunteers begin as Sidewalkers regardless of previous experience. Sidewalkers are directly responsible for the rider’s safety as well as assisting the rider during their lesson. They help the rider focus on the instructor’s cues and aid the rider when necessary.  

Horse Handler

Horse Handlers are responsible for getting the horse prepared for the lesson, putting them away after the lesson, as well as general horse care. They are trained to catch, halter, lead (without a rider), groom, and tack/untack the horse. This position gives volunteers the opportunity to get to know our herd and learn about equine behavior, how to effectively communicate with the horses, and problem solving techniques that will come in handy if they choose to become a Horse Leader.

Horse Leader

Horse Leaders are responsible for leading the horses for the participants during their lessons. They are directly responsible for both the student’s as well as the horse’s safety at all times. To properly and safely lead the horse, a leader must keep their students and Sidewalkers safety in mind by communicating with both the student and the Sidewalker when necessary.  Leaders must pay attention and always be aware of their surroundings and potential hazards (vehicles, other horses, other people, objects, etc.) and must act safely and accordingly.  

Team Leader

Team Leaders are volunteers who have shown an admirable level of commitment to the program, an ability to lead their peers, and a high level of capability with both horses as well as participants with special needs. Team Leaders are individuals who have been specially selected to act as role models by training and guiding their fellow volunteers. Leaders support HCR staff by following any and all volunteer policies, and by setting a good example of the “Halleck Creek Way” for the other volunteers.